To many engineers seeking to replace metal in structural applications, nylon, specifically PA 66, is the default material of choice. Although PA 66 was originally invented as a textile polymer, over the last few decades it has led the adoption of engineering plastics as a material group in critical applications across various industries. Countless metal components have been engineered in PA 66, with a strong record of performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Until recently, engineers have often overlooked other engineering plastic-based materials in favor of standard nylon grades. However, it is important to note that with advances in plastics material technology, other engineering plastics could offer a potential alternative. Today, materials chemists can formulate alternative material solutions that can achieve properties that are equivalent to or better than those of PA 66.

If you’re looking for alternatives to PA 66 but unsure which options are available, we can help. Start with the table below to find out how our top recommended alternatives compare.

  Advantages vs. PA 66 Disadvantages vs. PA 66 Product Recommendations 
PA 6

+ Broad processing window
+ Improved impact toughness
+ Superior surface aesthetics

- Higher moisture uptake
- Lower temperature resistance
- Lower abrasion / wear resistance

CHEMLON® 200 Series — PA 6
CREAMID® P — Lower moisture PA 6
CREAMID® B LGF — Long Glass PA 6*

Recycled Solutions (PA 66, PA 6) + Cost effective
+ Sustainable alternative
+ Up to 50% PCR and 100% PIR
- Available in dark colors only
- Lower mechanical properties
- Regional availability / pricing
Recyclon® — Designed for near prime performance. Stringent process control ensures consistency
PA 6 / PA 66 Blends

+ Optimized per application needs
+ Balanced characteristics of each PA
+ Reduced reliance on single supply chain

- Lower temperature resistance
- Increased moisture absorption
- Reduced dimensional stability

CREAMID® C — PA 6 + PA 66
Includes broad range of super tough nylons

PBT + Better electrical properties
+ Lower water absorption
+ Good dimensional stability

- High specific gravity
- Lower hydrolysis resistance
- Lower temperature resistance

Createc® B — Broad product range independent of the nylon supply chain

PP + Lower specific gravity
+ More cost effective
+ No water absorption

- Lower temperature resistance
- Lower stiffness (Flex Modulus)
- Poor abrasion characteristics

CREALEN HS3 — High temperature resistance grades
CREALEN LGF — Long Glass reinforced PP* Suitable for PA Short GF replacement

* Products in development (may or may not be available globally)

These material solutions are suitable for a variety of industries, including: Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Industrial, Consumer Products, and Sporting Goods.

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