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heat stabilized

creamid® pa66


Heat Stabilized Creamid® PA66 Replaces High Performance Polymers by Maintaining Elongation and Mechanical Properties After Thermal Aging

Say goodbye to brittle parts and take fasteners and thin wall application performance to the next level with our new, proprietary heat stabilized and impact modified Creamid® PA66. Offering superior performance after thermal aging Creamid® PA66 maintains capability by:

  • Passing insertion/extraction tests after 1,000 hours at 150° C.
  • Maintaining tensile strength and elongation after 1,000 hours of heat aging at 150°C.
  • Providing superior toughness after thermal aging at 150°C
  • Processing with excellent flow on standard injection molding equipment
  • Offering a sustainable option by being regrindable and recyclable
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