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Empower your workforce and maximize operational efficiency through AI-Powered on-the-job learning

The future of manufacturing training is here.

- Rapidly increase productivity and efficiency of new hires.

- Improve new hire retention.

- Effortlessly scale your training with AI.


Say goodbye to tribal knowledge silos.

- Build a living repository of best practices and real-world insights.

- Gain insights into common questions and challenges to continuously improve training and operations.




Invest in your people, invest in your future.

- Reduce new hire stress and frustration.

- Personalized and optimized training experience.

- Enable employees to become part of the solution and help shape the future of the manufacturing process.


Industry Statistics

Why Industry Needs the Connected Coach Today

630 B

in annual turnover cost in the US

59 %

of employees quit in the first year

3.4 M

Mfg jobs to fill in the next decade

Olivia Deaton, Co-Founder


Olivia Deaton

With 15+ years of engineering and production management at the organizational level, Olivia sees with crystal clarity the opportunities for improvement in training, onboarding, and retaining new employees in the manufacturing industry. Olivia is a passionate people leader who believes that providing a first line of response on the floor will empower new employees, answer their questions, help them more rapidly learn and remember key process and safety steps and measures and ultimately reduce the need for a second FTE trainer by up to 80%.

Dan Mesyn, Co-Founder


Daniel Mesyn

After 20+ years of providing superior engineering services to the industry, Dan now brings his passion and Six Sigma Black Belt expertise to new challenges as co-founder of the Connected Coach. Dan is committed to providing an enjoyable and personalized employee learning experience through the Connected Coach platform to future proof manufacturing operations by addressing the skills gap crisis the industry is facing today. 

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