5 Value-Adds OEMs Look For and Need In Injection Molding Partners

Value-Adds OEMs Look For and Need In Injection Molding Partners

The late-February storm in Texas that shut down 80% of U.S. resin production1 underscored the heavy reliance many industries place on plastics. While the Teknor Apex team’s focus on agility, our own strong supplier partnerships, and our commitment to always keep the customer top of mind has allowed us to remain a highly dependable supplier – even through the extremely challenging conditions of 2020 and 2021 – many manufacturers have continued to experience significant supply chain disruptions, shifting more attention to supplier relationships.

The re-evaluation served as a catalyst for asking a larger question: What do OEMs look for in an ideal injection molding partner?

The 5 Characteristics OEMs Value Most in Injection Molders

While production of parts is the most obvious way for OEMs to evaluate the value an injection molder contributes to a partnership those that stand the test of the time are fortified with crucial, if intangible, value-adds.

Undoubtedly, emphasis is and should be placed on the end product. However, the tenets of value-added supply chain partnerships extend well beyond — and well before — the end of a production cycle:

  1. Trust/dependability: An OEM literally puts their business, reputation, and growth potential in the hands of an injection molder. A basis of trust in all aspects of the relationship — design, innovation, production, problem-solving, service, etc. — makes for a thriving partnership.
  2. Quality/consistency: Like trust, an OEM must be confident that an injection molder thoroughly understands and can deliver on expectations concerning often complex applications. Quality without exception is a benchmark for a successful OEM-injection molder partnership. 
  3. Innovative problem solving: When an OEM encounters a challenge, suppliers are called in for solutions. Injection molders that take the initiative to apply their experience and complementary skill sets to focused problem solving (e.g., post-tooling issues) are beneficial partners.
  4. Product design and development support: Collaboration in optimizing design and development opportunities helps OEMs lean into product improvements and perhaps even new areas of potential business growth.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: At the end of the day, OEMs must consider the bottom line. Injection molders that can deliver competitive costs and/or cost reductions without compromising quality provide tangible value.

How Teknor Apex Helps Injection Molders Succeed

Just like OEMs, injection molders don’t exist in a vacuum. They rely upon networks of suppliers that must deliver to standards similar to those that OEMs use to measure partnership value.

As such, and given our track and nearly a century's worth of experience, it stands to reason that Teknor Apex is positioned to be a preferred partner to injection molders tasked with meeting rigorous OEM demands. Our enhanced technologies, technical expertise, and unbridled passion for finding customer-centric solutions has earned Teknor Apex the reputation as a reliable plastic materials provider.

But accolades alone don’t get the job done. We strategically align with injection molders to meet specific needs and enhance their relationships with OEMs. Our materials expertise and engineering acumen ensure:

  • Rapid responses to meet demanding product development timelines
  • Cost effective solutions for new designs paired with customized technical support and analysis technologies like Moldflow analysis and fatigue testing
  • Identification of potential savings opportunities through use of lower-cost, better-suited materials
  • Optimized injection molding processes that improve costs without sacrificing quality
  • Seamless solutions to post-tooling issues that may threaten product deliverability
  • High quality product on time, every time
  • Outstanding customer service and support
  • 80 automotive OEM-approved nylon compounds

As the resin shortage continues to sort itself out, injection molders need to be more vigilant about how they service OEMs and the suppliers they choose to meet the challenge. Teknor Apex is a proven partner in delivering highly tailored solutions across industries and customer needs. Contact the Teknor Apex team to discuss your current or anticipated projects. We’re committed to helping you — and your OEM partners — succeed.

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